Steven Victor Skincare

The progressive concept of intricately weaving numerous ingredient complexes in concert to work interactively within a single product gives new meaning to the phrase “multi-performance products”. 
After scouring the world for the most uniquely effective and superior quality ingredient complexes and four years of research and development in the lab – a new technology advanced, allowing several ingredient complexes to be combined into one divine product.
The result: Bio-Fusion TechnologyTM and subsequently Steven Victor MD,Beauty Through Science.
With the use of Bio-Fusion TechnologyTM, an exquisitely formulated collection of cosmeceutical products, Steven Victor MD, Beauty Through Science has been created, offering a comprehensive anti-aging skincare line consisting of only 6 treatments. The line is unsurpassed in its ability to achieve multi-layer anti-aging benefits with skin rejuvenation, revitalization and restoration.
Multiple processes are simultaneously activated to better care for the skin, giving your appearance that fresh youthful radiance at first use and resuscitating the skin’s natural anti-aging processes over time that have been depleted by intrinsic (the natural process of aging) and extrinsic (free radicals consist of pollution, exposure to the sun, stress, etc.) agents.
Calming Exfoliating Complex
Calming Exfoliating Complex (CEC) is a new proprietary marine botanical exfoliating complex, bioengineered to exfoliate and calm the skin simultaneously. This non-chemical, natural exfoliator replaces harsh AHAs, glycolic acids and mechanical exfoliators (scrubs with granules) – all of which have adverse side effects (dryness, redness, irritation and inflammation). This next generation exfoliating complex is clinically shown to have equal (and sometimes better) multi-faceted anti-aging capabilities compared current remedies.
What it does:
• Provides an alternative to AHAs, Glycolic Acids, Reintoids, and granular exfoliators.
• Equally effective in anti-aging benefits to chemical or granular exfoliators, less the irritation.
• Natural exfoliator from the sea.
• Provides thorough exfoliation while simultaneously calming the skin.
• Gentle enough to use twice daily every day and enjoy cumulative short-term and long-term benefits.
Clinical Studies:
• In Vivo testing (3 month study) showed 55% reduction in wrinkles
(32.8% after one month) with 55% increase in holistic firmness
• In Vivo studies show skin hydration increased by 51%.
• After only 4 weeks, In Vivo studies revealed wrinkle reduction
of 40% and skin clarity increased by 40%.
• Clinical studies show Cumulative long-term anti-aging activity;
Increased firmness throughout and increased density in top and outer most layers of skin as well as in the supportive layers(epidermis and dermis).
Anti-Oxidant Intensive
Anti-Oxidant Intensive (AOI) is a powerful anti-oxidant containing a blend of vitamins A, C and E with Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Beta-Carotene and Ubiquinone (natural form of idebenone)
What it does:
• Protects skin from extrinsic (sun, pollution, stress) and intrinsic free radicals (age, poor diet, hereditary)
• Provides a protective barrier
• More potent than other anti-oxidants.
Clinical Studies:
• In Vitro studies reveal a 95% efficacy as compared to anti-oxidants.
• In Vivo studies reveal lasting benefits and visible results.
• In Vivo studies reveal more radiant and luminous skin tone and texture.
• In Vivo, subjects saw a visible improvement in their skin; skin had a younger, fresher, smoother appearance.
Cellular Restorative Complex
A highly specialized complex based on a unique messenger peptide that provides an alternative to retinoic acid. Clinical studies show that this advanced formulation gives way to a new generation of non-retinoic agents without the adverse side effects normally caused by retinoids. This potent de-aging complex systematically addresses the signs of aging from every angle while enhancing brightness, vitality and overall health of the skin. Promotes ongoing collagen production, improving skins thickness, elasticity and hydration; consequently helping to diminish wrinkles and soften roughness.
What it does:
• Mineral Salts contained in this complex are Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Cobalt, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, etc.
• Moisturisation is noticeably increased
• Increases oxygen to cells (increases energy)
• Increases protective properties that guard against free radical damage
Clinical Studies:
• In Vitro studies showed increased protection against sun’s damaging rays.
• In Vivo volunteers observed an overall improvement in skin tone and texture.
Stimulatory Oligopeptide Complex
Naturally occurring glycoprotein optimized through bio-fermentation process. Influences cellular metabolism and proliferation as well as stimulating the skins immune system. Stimulates cellular turnover.
What it does:
• Increases skins metabolism
• Highly stimulatory to cell respiration (regeneration)
• Increases skin’s cellular regeneration (rejuvenation and repair)
• Stimulates skin’s immune system
• Protects the infrastructure of the skin
• Significantly increases cellular turnover; regeneration to combat the signs of aging
• Measurable cumulative long-term de-aging effects
• Increased firmness
• Reduces lines and wrinkles
• Derived from naturally occurring Saccharomyces, extracted from Yeast
Clinical Studies:
• In Vivo studies reveal 34% increase in cell renewal (overall repair and regeneration).
• In Vivo studies show an increase in epidermal (top layer of skin) thickness and density.
• In Vivo studies reveal an overall improvement in the condition of aging skin.
• In Vivo studies support that SOC improves aging skin better than other non-botanical (superficial) ingredients.
Cellular Restructuring Complex
Cellular Restructuring Complex (CRC), a potent anti-aging complex that increases stimulation, hydration (moisture) and rejuvenation of the skin. Features a patented technology that gives way to a new generation of ingredient complexes that offer an effective alternative to Retinoic Acids (prescription free and irritation free). Retinoic Acid is by prescription only and has a history of causing redness, irritation and dry flaky skin.
What it does:
• Benefits equal in efficacy to Retinoic Acids and other chemical anti-aging agents, less the high potential for irritation.
• Whitening and brightening properties restore vitality.
• Increases the skin’s moisture and offers rejuvenating activity
• Increases Anti-Wrinkle activity by restoring depleted collagen
• Stimulation of synthesis in the fibroblasts also induced the synthesis of other macromolecules in the dermis, including Hyaluronic Acid.
Clinical Studies:
• In Vitro Studies report collagen stimulation by fibroblasts increased by 350% (rate of collagen reproduction)
• Invitro studies confirm 146% increase in rate of production of Hyaluronic by fibroblasts
• Ex-Vitro studies revealed synthesis of collagen skin repair:
– Cellular Restructuring Complex (CRC) +96%
– Retinoic Acid +92%
– Results show that CRC is 4% more efficient, without the high potential for irritation.
• In Vivo studies confirmed the thickness of the subjects’ skin was increased significantly by 4% after only 28 days. (This contrasts with the 6% reduction of the skin thickness after 10 years)
• In Vivo and in vitro studies show the agent in this compound is able to make up for depleted collagen by increasing the synthesis of collagen by more than 350%
• Within one month, there was a significant reduction in length and depth of wrinkles and lines.
• Reduction amounted to 40 – 50% in some subjects
Hibiscus Seed Extract
Hisbiscus Seed Extract (HSE) is the only patented comprehensive anti-aging treatment using oligopeptides from the extracts of Hibiscus seeds (Okra). This biological (from nature) agent has dual functions for reducing lines and wrinkles.
What it does:
• Inhibits facial stress and involuntary movement of micro-muscles, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
• Increases oxygen supply to the skin, enhancing cellular regeneration (cellular turnover).
• Improves the overall tone and texture
Clinical Studies:
• In Vivo evaluation guarantees long-term anti-wrinkle activity.
• In Vivo studies show cumulative measurable benefits based on anti-aging properties.
• In Vitro studies show an increase in skin’s natural defense against reactive oxygen and free radicals.
• In Vivo studies revealed an overall improvement and significantly smoother skin.
Intensive Protein Complex
Intensive Protein Complex (IPC) is a new anti-aging complex consisting of rice and soy protein combined with biotechnologically produced yeast protein.
What it does:
• Improves microcirculation, protecting the integrity of the collagen and elastin bundles
• Reduces the harmful effects of chronic UV radiation on the connective tissue (keeps structural foundation from breaking down)
• Skin becomes firmer and thicker.
• Inhibits free radicals and increases anti-inflammatory activity.
• Reduces the appearance of the signs of aging on skin.
Clinical Studies:
• In Vivo studies confirmed visible results after only 4 weeks.
• In Vitro tests show the beneficial effect on capillary circulation.
• In Vitro tests confirmed a 200% increased stimulation in fibroblasts proliferation (cellular turnover)
Anti-Oxidant HP
Anti-Oxidant HP (AHP) is a botanical extract derived from organically cultivated Edelweiss flowers grown at high altitudes in the Alps; a rare protected plant with self preserving properties necessary to survive extreme/harsh conditions of its environment.
What it does:
• Edelweiss is a potent anti-oxidant that offers unprecedented natural protection against free-radicals.
• Balances potential free radical damage
• Increases collagen production- resulting in increased collagen protection.
• Ideal for the treatment of stressed, fatigued and sensitive skin.
• Plays a vital role in comprehensive anti-aging preparation.
• Provides natural protection before and after sun exposure
• 100% organically cultivated
Clinical Studies:
• In Vitro Studies revealed that 1mg of Anti-Oxidant HP destroys 286 X 1014 free radicals ~ Effectiveness is measured by Radical
Protection Factor (RPF), a measurement for cosmetic products that tests their ability to protect against free radicals.
• In Vivo studies confirmed anti-aging properties offer soothing to irritated skin and provide anti-inflammatory effects.
Optimum Nutrient Synthesis
Optimum Nutrient Synthesis (ONS) is a combination of vitamins A, C and E stabilized in a liposome for optimum penetration.
What it does:
• Innovative liposome technology offers a superior delivery system.
• Increased penetration of a combination of vitamins A, C and E.
• Optimum penetration is essential for transdermal delivery of anti-oxidants.
Clinical Studies:
• In Vivo studies reveal that subjects saw significantly healthier skin.
• 65% of volunteers expressed that they saw an overall improvement in skin’s appearance.
Matrikine-Ceramide Repair System
Matrikine-Ceramide Repair System (MCR) is a progressive anti-aging complex; utilizes a system of messenger peptides to stimulate cell communication offering overall restorative benefits. MCR is an elegant and highly effective solution to treating the visible signs of aging.
What it does:
• Cell communication directs energy to the damaged site that needs help (increases cellular turnover necessary to generate collagen and elastin fibers).
• Increases cellular turn over (cell regeneration)
• Protects skin by forming a lipid barrier, guarding against UV radiation (sun protection) and other free radicals.
• Skin stays hydrated as the lipid barrier locks in moisture.
• Comprehensively repairs age related skin damage
• Wrinkles and crow’s feet become significantly less visible.
Clinical Studies:
• Based on In Vivo studies, 98% saw a reduction of surface occupied by deep winkles after 56 days.
• Based on In Vivo studies, 86% saw a reduction of surface occupied by medium wrinkles after 56 days.
• In Vivo studies show 75% of subjects stated that the product smoothes skin after 56 days.
• In Vivo studies show 85% of subjects saw a measurable visual improvement.
• In Vitro studies show a 40% decrease in surface area occupied by deep wrinkles.
Amino Acid Concentrate
Amino Acid Concentrate (AAC) is an anti-aging complex that is rich in amino acids, the essential building blocks of proteins.
What it does:
• Increased protection of skin’s infrastructure, responsible for keeping skin firm and preventing the slackening of skin.
• Stimulates production of collagen, increasing skin’s thickness.
• Skin becomes more resilient and less vulnerable to free radical damage.
• Protects and reinforces the collagen and elastin bundles, limiting damage due to free radicals.
Clinical Studies:
• In Vitro studies reveal increased density and thickness after only 2 days, enhancing skin’s resilience.
• In Vivo studies show that subjects saw a significant improvement in skin’s firmness and felt their skin was more resilient (replenishment of vitality to stressed and fatigued skin).
Phyto-Compensating Active Complex
Phyto-Compensating Active Complex (PCAC) a new anti-aging complex derived from “Tiger grass” and the male flowers of the banana tree found in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean (the island of Madagascar) where it is often used to treat skin ulcerations and burns.
What it does:
• Choice complex for effectively dealing with skin aging during menopause or pre-menopause
• Increased anti-aging activity for all ages
• Stimulates collagen and fibronectin production
• Restores youthful appearance of mature skin
• Increases skin thickness and resilience
• Stimulates the repair of the skin’s infrastructure
• Reduces wrinkles and improves tone and texture
Clinical Studies:
• In Vito studies show a 353% increase in collagen deposited on the extracellular matrix (increases structural support)
• In Vivo tests confirm that it reverses the accentuation of general skin atrophy in premenopausal and menopausal test subjects. Benefits apply to all maturing skin – anyone past 35 years of age.
• In Vivo studies show significant, visible anti-wrinkle effect after 4 weeks of use.
Intracellular Energizing Complex
Intracellular Energizing Complex (IEC) is a vegetal fraction from specific extraction of corn seeds; corn seeds contain a multitude of B vitamins, carbohydrates and anti-oxidant ingredients.
What it does:
• Increased cellular energy – stimulates the metabolic rate, essential for building collagen and elastin fibers.
• Provides protection from daily free radical aggression and pollution in a natural way.
• Allows the epidermis to stimulate and restore its own energy potential.
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
• Contains anti-oxidant ingredients, which provide an ‘anti-pollution’ effect.
• Softens skin and prevents inflammation.
Clinical results:
• In Vitro Tests show that it increases ATP (energy) production by 144%;
• In Vitro tests confirm that it inhibits more than 95% of lipid peroxidation (protecting the integrity of the skin’s infastructure)
• In Vivo studies show a significant increase in skin’s supporting network after only 3 weeks.
Hydrolized Soybean Protein
Hydrolyzed Soybean Protein (HSP) is a plant derived treatment which specifically inhibits skin enzymes that cause damage to skin. Clinically shown to have soothing benefits and improves firmness.
What it does:
• Highly effective in protecting the integrity of the skin (multi-layer foundation) and preventing the breakdown of innate anti-aging processes
• Inhibits the enzyme that threatens to break down elastin
• Defends the skin from symptoms of accelerated aging.
• Protects against dry skin and UV damage.
• Based on soy proteins
Clinical Studies:
• In Vitro studies show that irritation is reduced by 30% immediately after application and by 50% two hours after application.
• In Vivo studies confirmed an increase in skin hydration.

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