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Gold Trash

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Cut your hair into a bob, line your eyes in a feline stroke, sculpt your cheeks with a st tropez tan.

Be loud, be filthy rich; it’s so trashy that it starts to look adorable, especially during this hard time.


Roberto Cavalli white and gold silk chain print asymmetric top with one long draped sleeve. 

Stella McCartney metallic silver linen blend mini skirt with pleats at the front. 


Giles & Brother tarnished gold-tone pear shape earrings with cutout detailing.

Roberto Cavalli gold plated brass bracelet with leaf print and bloom-rock crystal stone detailing. 


Miu Miu gold leather oversized clutch with pleat detailing.  

Lanvin silver leather crossed front sandals with a contrasting gold heel that measures approximately 4.5 inches high.


Beauty resolutions

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It’s really never too late to make resolutions!

A random post i came across on the net suggested.

1) Wear SPF Everyday.  

Sun exposure is the number one cause of aging.  So wear sunscreen with at least a SPF of 30 or above everyday, all year round, regardless.  Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you could lay off on the sun protection.  Winter sunlight that reflects off of snow is just as harmful and damaging as the sun at the beach.  UV rays can still penetrate clouds on a cloudy day.  So make sure that your sunscreen of choice protects you from both UVA and UVB rays.  You’ll be preventing wrinkles and age spots by simply slathering on the SPF.  Oh and don’t neglect the rest of your body when using sunscreen, you don’t want to have a youthful face and an old body, do you?


I loves Sarah Chapman’s Dynamic Defense (SPF15, semi-matt finish); I also use Rodial’s  Glamotox (SPF18, dewy finish, slight oily breakthrough midday), Neutrogena’s  Healthy Skin anti-wrinkle intensive (SPF20 with retinoids) or Anti-Oxidant age reversal (SPF20).

I personally prefer moisturizers with build in sunscreen as i hate layering sunblock under my foundation/powder.

My resolution is to use sunscreen on my hands & lips! I keep forgetting about this.

2) Wash Your Face Every Night.  

Okay, I know that you just want to pass out in bed without properly taking off all your makeup, especially after a night of partying.  But it’s crucial to remove makeup and wash your face at night for your skin’s sake.  Makeup and dirt can clog pores if not removed before bed.  Also, by washing your face, you’re giving your skin a change to renew itself while you slumber.  You may find it useful to keep a pack of facial cleansers by the bed for those nights that you are just too tired to drag yourself to the bathroom for a proper cleansing.  


I had never failed to take off all the makeup before i collapsed onto my bed; Make up wipes like those from Neutrogena, Olay, Simple are cheap & cheerful.

However, nothing  could/should replace a proper cleansing regime that involves emulsification (oil/balm/cream) & saponification (foam/gel/soap). I am a diehard fan of double cleansing. 

3) Moisturize.  Moisturize.  And Moisturize Some More.  

Proper cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting are the crux of any worthy skin care regimen.  Proper moisturization is crucial to your skin’s health.  At night, moisturizing is even more important.  So pick a quality moisturizer that won’t clog your skin.  


I adores La Mer ( occlusive/sealing, repairing ), Dr Sebagh’s High Maintenance serum & cream ( fantastic duo – illuminating, protecting,rejuvenating ), Sarah Chapman’s Age Repair & Overnight Facial ( relaxing, nourishing, plumping )

4) Exfoliate.  

Make exfoliating a part of your weekly beauty ritual.  Exfoliating will stimulate cell growth, clear clogged pores, and help fade post-acne marks.


It’s my daily ritual with Eve Lom’s cleanser or Liz Earle’s balm – all you need is a muslin cloth!

5) Pamper Your Hair.  

Your poor hair goes through the wringer everyday with various hair products and styling tools – especially those heated ones you use.  So to help minimize the damage make sure to trim your hair regularly as well as setting aside 20 minutes each week for a deep conditioning hair mask.


I think if i stop abusing my hair with colouring and perming, may be i could……

Since i chemically enhance/damage my hair, i actually try to use a nourishing hair masque/treatment twice a week, like those from James Brown, Kerastase, Philip B & Frederik Fekkai

6) Get More Sleep.  

There truly is a reason why they call it beauty sleep.  Aim to catch seven to eight hours of zzz’s each night.  Sleep will keep those pesky dark circles and puffy eyes at bay.  Moreover, sleep reduces stress, a cause of acne and weight gain.


Well, i think i need to stop working night shift ( as if i could ); otherwise a good cup of chamomile tea should aid me into slumberland.

7) Drink lots of  water.  

So while it’s unproven that drinking water does anything for your skin, it really doesn’t hurt to sip on extra glass of water a day.  It’s still one of the healthiest beverage out there.  So replace a soda with a glass of  H2O.  However, steer clear of water bottles, since those can cause wrinkles around the mouth, similar to that of a smoker – and plus it’s bad for the environment. 

8) Eat More Fruits & Vegetables.  

Turns out your mother was right!  Fruits and vegetables are good for you.  So load up on antioxidant-rich foods to keep your skin looking great.


9) Throw Old Beauty Products Away.  

Keep beauty products expiration in mind.  It’s important to throw away old beauty products as to discourage bacterial growth.

10) Clean Makeup Brushes Weekly.  

It’s important to clean your makeup brushes since they can accumulate debris & bacteria, which leads to clogged pores and breakouts.

I use baby shampoo to wash my make up brushes; I just need to be more diligent in this practice.

11) Get Monthly Facials. 

Prevent dull looking skin by getting regular facials.  Facials are beneficial since they increase circulation and oxygen leading to healthy, glowing skin.


Failing so, i use Bliss or Peter Thomas Roth range of oxygenating masques.

12) Exercise.  

If you’re not exercising regularly already, then it’s time to pick up the pace.  Exercising leads to increased circulation, leading to beautiful, glowing skin.

Emm, my gym membership……

13) Quit Smoking!  

Two words that will do wonders for your health and skin – quit smoking.  Okay, so I know that smoking is a personal choice, but you can reap so may benefits by kicking the stinky habit.  Plus you would have whiter teeth and fewer wrinkles around your mouth.


Well, this is the one i find it difficult to comply.

Pink Mabel

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I am so in love with my black large Mabel that i am tempted for the pink medium one. 


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Fuschia to brighten up the current gloomy economics?


I love the Fleur de Lys Shimmer Powder.


Bobbi Brown at QVC

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Bobbi Brown is pairing sparkling eyes with creamy blushed pink cheeks and lips for a look that’s soft, refined, and absolutely effortless.

Get the look with the Blush Pink Collection, created especially for QVC.



  • Six-pan palette with mirror
  • bone eye shadow
  • sunlight sparkle eye shadow
  • mink eye shadow
  • sand pink blush
  • blush pink creamy lip color
  • baby glitter lip gloss
  • Double-ended brush

Hello Kitty

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Hello Kitty MAC!


Sarah Chapman overnight facial

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I think i had found the best facial oil.

Aromatic + Repairing + Rejuvenating + …….


This powerhouse overnight treatment is packed with Vitamin A, VCIP Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lipobrite® HCA-4, Coenzyme Q10, Renovage™, Dermaxyl™ OligopeptideAlpha Lipoic AcidAbyssinian Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Melon Oil, Baobab Oil, Jojoba, Jasmine and Rose.

The intoxicating fragrance of jasmine, frangipani, rose & tuberose  makes it a sensory bliss before i retreat to my bed.

My skin is firmer, brighter & smoother the next morning. I also use it when i am on night shift; my complexion is less dreadful after a 10 hours shift.

This sensuous serum (oil) is a absolute skin salvage.

Definitely my dessert island must have.