Odile Lecoin

First, Paris-based ‘cosmetic medicine specialist’ Odile Lecoin (that’s ‘oh-deel leh-kwan’ for non-French speakers) helped make microdermabrasion a household word in the early 90s.

Then, to treat the sensitive and newly-‘micro’-managed skin of her celebrated clients , she developed her OR (that’s ‘gold’) collection.

Odile Lecoin divides her time and business between New York and Paris. Her customers are women who are always in a hurry, sometimes impatient – but always well versed in the latest technologies. 

Women who know how to take care of themselves and look for true quality and results will choose OR, je suis; OR, j’aime; OR, je rêve and OR, je vis.

Odile Lecoin way of getting the perfect skin and complexion is with the following steps.  Smoothing OR je suis, moisturizing OR j’am, nourishing OR je reve, and protecting OR je vis.  Odile Lecoin skincare is all about the ingredients, but not just any ingredients.  They have to be light, pure and  non-greasy.

OR, je suis
THE anti-wrinkle serum par excellence

OR, je suis anti-age serum with silk proteins contains powerful ingredients of plant and marine origin. 


• Silk proteins offer significant benefits by releasing amino acids, such as serine, which give OR, je suis its intensive moisturizing action: 

• Wheat proteins have a “firming” effect and form a continuous elastic film over the skin. The invisible strength and smoothing effect of this film are immediately perceptible upon application, and even more so an hour later: 

• Marine elastin enhances the action of the silk proteins by forming a biological film on the surface of the skin that limits imperceptible water loss. Moreover, it restores the balance between elastin synthesis and the unavoidable appearance of elastase with age, making it a remarkable anti-age ingredient. 
Through this stimulation of cellular activity, the elastin is regenerated, thus protecting against loss of skin tone. 
The skin gradually recovers its youthful suppleness and firmness. 

With OR, je suis, fine lines are smoothed away: the skin is rejuvenated, firm and soft once again.

OR, j’aime
THE ultimate day cream

Naturally, your skin needs protection before facing urban pollution every morning. Here is protection that will last all day. The powerful moisturizing action of hyaluronic acid has been widely documented. In addition, this cream contains vitamin E, which has proven and significant anti-oxidant properties. Other
active ingredients are macadamia oil to stimulate skin function, and musk rose oil, which contains more than 80% linoleic acid to help restore the elasticity of the skin.




OR, j’aime is a daily skin care product that delivers its benefits from morning till night. Forgetting to apply it would leave the skin vulnerable to the countless sources of stress that causes us to age… always much too soon.

OR, je rêve
THE premium night cream

It is well known that cellular regeneration activity peaks at night. This soy-enriched gel nourishes and repairs skin cells as your sleep. It promotes oxygenation of the skin and helps prevent aging.

Containing high concentrations of the vitamins and minerals that the skin often lacks, Or, je rêve restores the nutritional balance of the epidermis.When you awake, the skin glows with youthful freshness and vitality. 


Extremely moisturizing and regenerative, OR, je rêve with soya protein, protects and improves the appearance of the epidermis by stimulating the cutaneous cell metabolism.

The skin is soft and younger-looking. 

OR, je vis
abyssine 657 à 3% THE nec plus ultra in skincare

skin repair for skin “that can’t stand anything” 

The star product of the line contains a unique active ingredient, Abyssine® 657. This molecule – extracted from the ocean depths – has a story of its own. 

Off the coast of Mexico at a depth of more than 8,200 feet, where the Pacific plate splits away from the Nazca and Cocos plates, IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea) discovered a fascinating microorganism: Alteromonas macleodii subsp. In order to survive in the extreme temperature and pressure conditions of the ocean floor, this microorganism has to synthesize a molecule that protects it against the stresses of a hostile environment. That molecule is a complex exopolysaccharide called Abyssine®657. 

This is the first time that an exopolysaccharide bioengineered from a strain originating in deep-water hydrothermal vents has been used for a commercial application. 


Today, 60% of women claim their skin is sensitive, irritated or irritable and note sensations of stinging or “tightness” – in other words, a more-or-less ongoing feeling of skin discomfort. More than ever, sensitive or irritable skin types, as well as so-called normal skin types exposed to damaging conditions (sun exposure, pollution, stress, etc.) require solutions that can be found only in the concept of active and dynamic cosmetology. Of course, active, dynamic cosmetology goes hand in hand with biologically active molecules which are able to stimulate and strengthen the skin, help it fight the stresses of its environment and help it repairs existing damage. 

As the key active ingredient of OR, je vis, Abyssine®657 in a concentration of 3% provides exceptional stimulation and reinforcement of the skin’s natural defenses, in effect reminding the skin how to protect itself. 

Laboratory studies 
Laboratoires Lanatech decided to demonstrate, step by step, that Abyssine®657 offers clear benefits for irritable, hyper-reactive and even just sensitive skin types. Keratinocytes play a fundamental role in epidermal reactions, because they produce cytokines along with a molecule called ICAM-1.
Psoriasis, for example, is characterized by a high level of ICAM-1. This observed phenomenon led to the studies demonstrating that in cosmetic applications, ICAM-1 could play an important role in dealing with skin irritations and inflammations, more than 25% of which were neutralized by Abyssine®657. 
Similarly, the anti-irritant properties of Abyssine®657 were successfully tested on skin made fragile by acne, damaged by UV rays or in the process of scar formation. 

The results of these studies offer conclusive evidence that the use of Abyssine®657 in a daily cosmetic skin care routine protects the Langerhans cells and thereby the skin’s natural defense mechanisms. 

OR, je vis, a skin repair product, is therefore perfect for skin that “can’t stand anything.”

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