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Summers makeup

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I am indulging myself with some outstanding products from Clinique; while the summer sun is fading away…….


This wonderful powder is great for calming & concealing my sunkissed (over ) face.


Perfect with sundae! I prefer light lipstick / gloss during the warmer months.

Lip wardrobe

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At the age of 22, you might expect an aspiring cosmetics entrepreneur to be working the makeup counter at Bergdorf Goodman, not running a fledgling beauty line that sells exclusively at the department store, but that’s exactly the profile of Edward Bess, the young man behind the eponymous cosmetics brand. 


The South Carolina-born Bess moved to New York to study theater at the Professional Performance Arts School, but beauty was always in the cards. As Bess says, “Once I realized I wanted to influence women, I decided to design my brand and launch [it] when I was 20 years old. I suppose I did not waste time in realizing my vision.” 

The Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe, a high-priced collection of ten lipsticks and five glosses in a black lacquer case, is a perfect Valentine’s gift ( my lover, you get the clue? ). The luscious lip collection has a scent of wild fig ( lips & fig!).The lipstick contains vitamins A and E to act as antioxidants in addition to silicon to maintain a smooth finish. The lip gloss incorporates ginkgo biloba extract and polymers to provide antiaging benefits while adding shine. 


The ultimate wardrobe for lips are tools for creating sultry and seductive pouts – men won’t be able to resist a kiss!

The colors range from nudes to deep reds and it is presented in a sleek black lacquer case ( perfect as a gift ).Of his equally to-the-point packaging, Bess explains, “I am quite minimal myself as is my packaging. I sought a balance between modernity and timelessness.”

I want this on Valentine’s day !

Great Makeup Tips?

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Here is the 10 Great Makeup Tips i found on the blog.

Frankly, i disagree with most of the tips; don’t get me wrong, the principles are right, but rules are meant to be broken! Aren’t they?

IMO, we could be more resourceful, creative & daring.

Remember, you are your own guru.

Put on whatever you feel comfortable with; whatever makes you happy.

Makeup Tip 1)

Apply concealer to the areas of concern like eye bags, dark eye rings or any blemishes for better foundation coverage or for a more natural skin tone.


Well, i find optically illuminating highlighter offers a much credible and forgiving coverage to dark circles.

If you couldn’t be bothered by concealing, why not try the smudged smoky look? Bet you got a fairly good base to begin with already.

In terms of blemishes, i tend to cover mine with my usual foundation. I just apply mine in layers with a concealer brush to build up the coverage, allowing each layer to dry off completely before the next.

If the blemish is not to prominent and i am in a playful mood, i actually turn it into a mole by painting it with liquid liner.

Makeup Tip 2)

If you have not been sleeping well and need to look fresh in an instant, blend a little concealer to the outer corner of your eye, put on simple eye shadow and a tinge of blusher to make your face glow.


I believe in applying a highlighter or beige shade with subtle shimmer over the inner corner of my eyes, lining the lower rim of my lids to open up and freshen up the windows to my soul.

When i am really tired/busy, i just put on a pair of shade or glasses with nice frame.

Makeup Tip 3)

Make your lipstick last longer by brushing your loose powder gently across your lips, press tissue paper onto it and reapply the lip stick again.


I just make sure I buy a good lipstick with great staying power; it’s not difficult to find a long lasting lipstick in a shade you like these days.

Makeup Tip 4)

To save money on specialized face contouring products, use any ordinary face powder which is few shades darker than your usual one and apply to the sides of your jaw line.


Contouring? It’s so 80s, it’s so “dynasty”! I firmly believe that contouring should be left to the professionals. I do not try this at home, okay, maybe for my halloween do.

Makeup Tip 5)

Add a drop of witch hazel to turn normal foundation into a medicated one to prevent acne and pimples.


Witch hazel distillate shrinks pores temporarily ( by irritating the skin so that the pilo-sebaceous units swell up and you  pores disappear ), it doesn’t prevent acne/pimples/oily breakthrough!

Would you rub chillies on your lips to make them appears redder and more voluminous?

When it comes to foundation, my mantra is the 3C1F -Chemistry ( formula), Colour ( shade & tone ), Coverage and Finish.

I like Tiffany, De Beer, Cartier, Harry Winston on my ring finger; I will not put any inferior foundation on my face.

Makeup Tip 6)

Extend your eyelashes by using mascara with lengthening and volumizing properties.


Well, what can i say? A mascara is a mascara; A great mascara is a miracle. It’s the lingerie equivalent of your wardrobe; It’s tiny, it’s sexy, and never underestimate its charm. Yes, it does need to have a clean, polished finish that oozes elegance & sultriness. 

Makeup Tip 7)

Rub your hands together before applying your moisturizer to your face for better absorption.


Yes, heat does enhance penetration of your moisturizer, so does serum or any lotion/potion with superb spreadability. Unless you are using that La Mer stuff……

In fact, i do like massaging my face oil/cream in a fashion my facialist once taught me, in order to aid the lymphatic drainage & improve circulation.

Makeup Tip  8)

When using blusher, always brush your cheeks in an up-down-up “U” shape to create that smiley look on your cheeks.


I like to apply blusher to the apples of my cheek – this gives me a radiantly flushed appearance; and i only smile if i fell like smiling.

I disregard the rules about matching the hue of your blusher to you underneath skintone ( cool,neutral,warm ). Sometimes clashing of elements make wonders.

Makeup Tip 9)

Apply only a dot of lip gloss to the center of your lips and spread it out gently. Do not coat your entire lips with lip gloss as it will make your lips look oily.


Gloss in the center makes your lips look poutier/fuller.

If you like full on gloss effect, go ahead, a gloss is a gloss, it should be shiny & juicy. I even apply gloss over my eyelids for a sparkly look!

Oh yes, i hate to admit this, but expensive gloss does smell nicer, taste better & last longer.

Makeup Tip 10)

Give your eyes that lift by applying the correct type of eye shadow colors and also highlighting the eye ends near the nose area.


Remember what Coco Chanel said? Always minus 1! Do not go overboard with the shades. I know Dior’s 5 colour palette looks great over the display counter, but putting all 5 shades onto your lids will be another story.

My experience is pinkish shades never look good on puffy lids; Monotonous finish can be very flattering if done right; cream shadow is great if you are in a hurry.

No, you dont have to match the colour of the shadows to your iris; you can highlight wherever you want.

Red Lips

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The retro-starlet allure of Hollywood glamour, with a modern twist.

I prefer M.A.C.’s Lady Danger & Russian Red to Red she Said; for the Dita Von Teese finish.

Meanwhile, the adoring carmine brush sets are  fashionably fabulous,not to mention that these are great for traveling and stocking filling for the coming festive season!


Lipstick Queen – Sinners

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Take a walk on the wild side – indulge yourself with these highly pigmented, intensly opaque lipsticks. 90% pigment, no shimmer or frosting. It is positively naughty to get lipstick this opaque, rich and creamy with a matte yet silky finish – Poppy King


Well, King’s lipsticks are the queens of all lipstick, I am head over heels on the sinners. These gorgeously opaque, ultimately matte shades instantly dress up my lips and make me feel like a millionaires.

Smooth application, without overwhelming fragrance, elegant packaging……

Possibly the best lipstick ever made.

I am a sinner in natural & nude.

Muted pink

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I am looking for a blush that would gives my cheek a healthy flush & a sexy sheen; i also like a nude lipstick with pinkish beige.

Kiss of death

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Such a tricky trend, but i am tempted