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Posted in fragrance with tags , , , on May 5, 2008 by LPB

Les Exclusifs de Chanel consists of 6 new scents, and 4 re-launched  classics. The 6 new perfumes added to the existing exclusive boutique collection which includes Cuir de Russie, Bois des Ãles, Chanel no 22, and Gardenia are created by nose Jacques Polge.

The six new fragrances are called Coromandel (dry amberey oriental), 28 La Pausa (iris), Bel Respiro (green leaves and stems), No. 18 (Ambrette seed), 31, rue Cambron (an experimental chypre that omits the classic oakmoss note), and Eau de Cologne (an “haute” cologne). Chanel’s perfumer since 1978, Jacques Polge, took inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel’s heritage, such as the original workshop address on 31 rue Cambon in Paris, France.

My favorite among these is Coromandel,followed by La Pausa. My first love was indeed Cuir de Russie; which i had to enlist the help of my American friend in order to own the 15 mls parfum.

Coromandel pays homage to the baroque. This scent was inspired by lacquered Coromandel screens – chinese antique screens, which Chanel adored and collected.

The beginning of Coromandel is more comparable to a patchouli soliflore. Not just any pale, dry soliflore, but something deep and sumptuous. The patchouli note here paints an image of luscious, black soil, the kind one is tempted to run through one’s fingers, sniffing the raw, strangely sweet smell. After the wondrously rich beginning, the note looses some of its oomph and becomes patchoulic. In a little while an unexpectedly fruity accord creeps in; honeyed, candied, overripe, dark, with an incense-like undertone. The scent becomes softer, fluffier, more vanillic. I believe I also smell some myrrh here. The base has a certain delicate, ambery spiciness.

The sheer amount of changes it undergoes is enthralling. It is a kaleidoscope of a scent, it never stays the same. It also has a strangely delicious quality about it, it is almost edible in a way…The patchouli is beautifully rich; the vanillic-woody-incensey drydown is wonderfully comforting. -perfumesmellinthings.blogspot

Coromandel features notes of pine, jasmine, patchouli, amber and frankincense. It cost me AUS$330 for a 200 mls bottle if i remember it correctly. For an EDT, it is tenacious, yet the strangest thing is that i find it tends to fade and re-emerge unexpectantly. It’s elegant & sexy enough to wear day & night( well, day into night )