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Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte EDT concentree

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Sparkling & Spontaneous.

The beloved classic in a crisp, modern version, to reveal a sheer and spirited heart.

This EDT resembles a fantasy bouquet, fresh and invigorating, evocative of the morning dew.


Notes: Magnolia accord, Jasmine absolute, Sicillian Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli, White Flowers, White Musk and Florentine Iris.

It smells crisp, soapy & citrusy with a hint of oceanic fresh on me; i do not detect much “greens” in it. I do not think it resembles the original Cristalle at all.

Although it’s called EDT concentree, it only last about 3 hours on me.


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Henri Robert saw CRISTALLE, the fragrance he created in 1974, as the forerunner in a new generation of fresh, youthful fragrances: transparent, intimate, never too heady but always subtly present.

The tool of hypnotists, healers and magicians, crystal has long been associated with the unconscious borderline between the seen and the unseen. Coco Chanel viewed crystal as one of the finest examples of a combination of opposites: it is a stone, yet you can see through it. Some believe you can read your future in it. Naturally superstitious, Coco Chanel thought it had creative powers.


Fragrance Family


Fresh, floral. A melody of Citrus, Honeysuckle and Hyacinth notes.

CRISTALLE launches with sparkling Lemon from Sicily meeting the green and flowery notes of Water Hyacinth and Honeysuckle, followed by the woody charm of Vetiver.

Cristalle was my 1st fragrance, it reminds me of my youth, my good old days.


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I adore House of Chanel creations, i love most of the perfumes. My personal favorites are:

Cristalle – my youth, i used to wear this in my teens, it’s sparkling, bright & cheerful; The EDT is the best!

No 19 – my secret garden, i occasionally wear this to work, it’s green & earthy; only the parfum has the perfect orchestration of  its exhilarating top notes and sensual of the base notes.

Coco Mademoiselle – my fling, it’s my party gear, sexy,raunchy yet classy; I like the EDP version

No 5 – my sanctuary – i love the bath oil, the soap, and only the parfum will make me feel pampered & loved