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Terracotta collection 2009

Posted in makeup with tags , , , , on March 4, 2009 by LPB

Guerlain Terracotta range needs no introduction. Some of the items for the 2009 collection catch my eyes:


Gloss Cashmere Velvet Matte Gloss

Combining the lightness of a gloss and the velvety matte finish of a lipstick, it envelops the lips like a second skin that is comfortable, velvety and non-sticky. As soft as cashemere, it covers the smile with colour that is matte and intense.

I like these little pots, and i like matte gloss (oxymoron, i know).


Kabuki Brush

Elegant and delicate, with a handle in lacquered wood, the Guerlain Kabuki brush is incredibly dense with high-quality goat hair. As a result, it can pick up more bronzing pigment than any other brush, which it “crushes” and smoothes generously onto skin for optimal, uniform results.