Lip wardrobe

At the age of 22, you might expect an aspiring cosmetics entrepreneur to be working the makeup counter at Bergdorf Goodman, not running a fledgling beauty line that sells exclusively at the department store, but that’s exactly the profile of Edward Bess, the young man behind the eponymous cosmetics brand. 


The South Carolina-born Bess moved to New York to study theater at the Professional Performance Arts School, but beauty was always in the cards. As Bess says, “Once I realized I wanted to influence women, I decided to design my brand and launch [it] when I was 20 years old. I suppose I did not waste time in realizing my vision.” 

The Edward Bess Lip Wardrobe, a high-priced collection of ten lipsticks and five glosses in a black lacquer case, is a perfect Valentine’s gift ( my lover, you get the clue? ). The luscious lip collection has a scent of wild fig ( lips & fig!).The lipstick contains vitamins A and E to act as antioxidants in addition to silicon to maintain a smooth finish. The lip gloss incorporates ginkgo biloba extract and polymers to provide antiaging benefits while adding shine. 


The ultimate wardrobe for lips are tools for creating sultry and seductive pouts – men won’t be able to resist a kiss!

The colors range from nudes to deep reds and it is presented in a sleek black lacquer case ( perfect as a gift ).Of his equally to-the-point packaging, Bess explains, “I am quite minimal myself as is my packaging. I sought a balance between modernity and timelessness.”

I want this on Valentine’s day !


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