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Best hair tips

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Some useful tips about hair care from :


‘Always apply serum sparingly to prevent a greasy finish,’ says celebrity stylist Richard Ward.

‘Put a small amount in the palm of your hands, rub together and concentrate on the ends first and then, if necessary, smooth your hands near to the root area to remove the stray ‘baby’ hairs.

‘Try not to spend too long on the finishing touches, just a few quick, gentle finger movements to get the style in place and you’re done.’


I loves James Brown hair serum, silicon free, delicately scented and easily rinsable.


Achieving a natural-looking curl in your hair is easier than you think, according to Lee Stafford. ‘Always remember to use a heat protection mist before using any heated appliance on your hair,’ he stresses.

‘Twist small sections of dry hair from the root to the tip, then clamp hot straighteners over the twisted lock, starting at the top and slowly working down to the bottom. Clamp each section for about ten seconds then let the twisted lock cool before letting it go.


Frederic Fekkai luscious curl cream & wave spray are great for nourishing, protecting & styling hair when using a curling tong,


Regular use of hair conditioning masks can make hair look and feel lustrous. Top stylist Andrew Barton says: ‘Use at least once a week. Be religious and it will pay dividends, as it will help repair any damage and add masses of shine.’


I can’t do without James Brown Nourishing hair mask; I am also fan of  the Kerastase range.


‘The foundation to any great style is a serious blow dry to add long-lasting body and lift, especially from the roots,’ says Mark Hill.

‘My technique is to dry the hair in the opposite direction to which it usually falls using a round barrel to create movement and a smooth, professional-looking finish. Sectioning the hair will allow you to focus on one area at a time.

‘If you have fine hair, add some instant lift through the top sections by sectioning around the crown and wrapping hair around three to four large Velcro rollers. Blast with warm, then cool air from the dryer and leave to set for a few minutes before releasing.’


‘Always opt for the very best cut you can afford as it can take years off you,’ says top stylist Taylor Ferguson. ‘Choose a cut that suits your face, head shape, age and, most importantly, your lifestyle. Choose one that can be looked after easily.’


To give your hair some extra shine, John Frieda colourist Nicola Clarke stresses that you should always rinse your hair properly when cleansing. ‘I think the reason hair colour lasts in salon is that the hair is shampooed well.

‘A final blast of cold water will also add extra shine. And don’t apply conditioner to the scalp, just keep it to the mid section and ends, rinse thoroughly, and don’t overload your hair with hundreds of styling products, just stick to one that works for you.’


When styling hair yourself, make sure you rough-dry it to about 75 per cent, says Shai Greenberg and Fred Gielly of Gielly Green. ‘This will make it a lot easier to style (the hair is less flyaway) and it gives the finished look more volume at the root.’


If you’ve been rushing round and your hair’s gone damp and limp, a great instant fix is to ruffle a little bit of talcum powder through the roots with your fingertips, says celebrity hairdresser Errol Douglas. ‘It works like dry shampoo to soak up any moisture and give instant volume.’


Getting volume is not always easy, especially on finer hair. Karine Jackson, London Hairdresser of the Year, has a great technique. ‘When the hair is wet, spray a light volume gel onto the roots and rub vigorously with your fingers – this confuses the root area and the hair stands up instantly giving you volume,’ she says.

‘If hair starts to droop during the day just push your fingers gently through it to get that lift again.’


Kiehl silk groom is my favorite.


Curly hair is completely different from straight hair, its structure and needs are different, explains Nicola Hulatt, from Yorkshire’s West Row Hairdressing.

‘Moisture is the key to keeping natural curls healthy. Never brush curls; otherwise you’ll end up with frizz. Instead, use your fingers to break up curls and add smoothing products such as gloss wax to give shine and definition.’


‘Spray hairspray onto your hair brush to avoid static and flyaway hair. You can also spritz it over your hair before using heated appliances for hold and protection,’ says Rae Palmer of Rae Palmer Hairdressing, Southsea, Hampshire.