Covergirl Lashblast

The only thing to will blast ( or burst ) is your hope for voluminous false lashes effect!

This is a total misnomer, it does not maximize the volume of your lashes.

The only thing that will look fat & clumsy is the bright orange color tube, i am afraid.


Don’t get me wrong, the formula itself is rather good for its price; the only mistake is this should never be marketed as a volumizing mascara. In fact, it more lengthening than thickening!

With 2 coats, this give me a glossy, lengthy finish that last for 10 hours, crease & smudge free.

With 4 coats, this starting to get flaky & clumpy, without adding any volume to my lashes as compared to 2 coats.

So, i am totally disappointed by its thickening ability; otherwise this is a great, basic, economic mascara.

I am not a fan of that chunky, hideous brush handle, in fact, i find it difficult to apply my mascara  with the huge handle. The brush itself is average; it lacks small bristles that taper at the end, so it’s almost impossible to apply the mascara to the outer & inner corner.

Shame on you Covergirl, such an dishonest marketing strategy & poorly designed brush. 


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