BY TERRY Detoxifying Cream

Radiance-Boosting Oxygenating Care – Brightening – Hydra-Renewing – Face

A true energizing concentrate, enriched with oxygenating, anti-free radical and skin-perfecting complexes, this complete radiance-boosting cream renews the glow of the complexion with triple detoxifying action:

Step 1: DETOXYLYN offers astringent, purifying and stimulating action to remove polluting particles and impurities that clog the skin.

Step 2: ANTI-OXYDIOME creates an anti-toxin defense shield by providing neutralizing, regenerating and protective action.

Step 3: HYDROCALMINE offers nourishing, hydrating and soothing action to restore the hydra-balance of the skin and reveal its natural luminosity.

The skin is intensely detoxified and breathes anew. Pores are tightened and the complexion looks fresh. The skin’s radiance is instantly and lastingly renewed.

This gentle skin cream not only purify the skin, it also detox the mind with it’s alluring aroma.


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