Double Wear light foundation

Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup:
– Sheer-to-medium coverage
– Natural finish
– SPF10 protection
– Up to 15-hour’s wear

Long-wear makeup is now lightweight makeup. Fresh, natural, comfortable. Goes on sheer, leaves skin free to breathe all day. A liquid foundation that has been formulated to glide on fast, comfortably and evenly for a naturally-sheer, flawless finish that lasts all day – up to 15 hours without fading or transferring – no matter how active the wearer or humid the weather.

Controls oil, resists smudging and won’t “melt” off through heat and humidity. For a look that stays vibrant and fresh whether it’s a workday, a workout or a weekend. It’s makeup that keeps up. Double Wear Light is a “thinking” foundation. It adjusts to each individual’s skin type, keeping moisture levels balanced while controlling excess oil and shine. With additional SPF10 and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, Double Wear Light also helps provide powerful protection against UV damage and other environmental assaults.

Oil-free. Photo-friendly. Fragrance-free. Non-acnegenic. Dermatologist-tested.

I had been wearing this foundation daily lately, it really gives my skin a velvety veil, helps controlling sebum secretion, covering  pores, blurring lines & stays for at least 12 hours without creasing or changing hue. The finish is rather sheer to medium & “camera friendly”. This has surpassed the original double wear.


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