Review on Steven Victor’s miracle serum

This serum has the similar consistency  of Arden’s ceramide capsule. It contains silicons, borage oil, ceramide 3 , squalane, vitamin E & soybean sterols.

Upon application, this thick, slippery clear serum literally sink into the skin, immediately – Arden’s ceramides capsule on the other hand needs to be massaged onto & takes few minutes for the silicons to evaporate, before it feels less oily/occlusive

I find the texture  rather blendable & readily absorbed, without greasy residue; In fact, it left a rather matt finish on my skin. I use EL ultimate youth cream on top of this serum and it even make my nourisher feels lighter & has less greasy breakthrough by the end of the day.

It keeps my retin A treated skin less flanky, It significantly reduces sebum secretion; despite all the silicons, it feels non-occlusive, so far had not caused any skin eruption/pore blockade.

I need to bulk buy this while it’s still on offer!


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