The unlikely primer (2)

Now, triumph over wrinkles without toxins, lasers or injections. Estée Lauder Research boldly advances the fight against wrinkles and age spots with this comprehensive treatment.

Formulated with our exclusive Poly-Collagen Peptides and BioSync™ Activating Complex, this anti-aging phenomenon helps lift away the look of deep wrinkles faster than ever before.

DAY 1: Instantly, the length, depth and number of lines and wrinkles look reduced up to 36%. Skin is brighter, fresher and retextured.

WEEK 1: Deeper wrinkles look leveled. Natural collagen production is amplified. Age spots appear to fade away.

MONTH 1: See a significant reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles. Skin’s clarity is improved, and skintone looks more even.

Perfectionist [CP+] intercepts the cycle of irritation that can increase the depth and length of a wrinkle and helps skin strengthen its vital support elements. It virtually immobilizes lines and wrinkles without affecting your natural facial expressions. Like an invisible liquid bandage, this concentrated, silky serum immediately fills in wrinkles with a flexible elastomer.

Simultaneously, the latest optical technology visibly blurs away the look of wrinkles and color-corrects sallowness, uneven skintone, dark spots and discolorations. Skin surges with a noticeable vitality, clarity and luminous new look.

Developed with the knowledge that skin’s natural surface enzymes may actually break down and “dilute” the power of peptides, Estée Lauder Research has found a way to help prevent this degradation. U.S.-Patent-pending triple enzyme technology rushes our exclusive Poly-Collagen Peptides to even the most prominent wrinkles.

Your skin responds naturally by amplifying and maintaining its collagen levels to help lift away the look of deep wrinkles faster than ever before.

Well, my experience is Perfectionist makes a good primer; Its brightening optical materials gives skin a subtle halo that reflects harsh lightning away from lines & pores. I would not count on it to diminish wrinkles.

Notoriously, this skin smoother causes your liquid foundation to flake & peel off, as if the polymers/silicons in its formulation are repelling your foundation. Your foundation will practically peel off when you apply it directly on skin primed with Perfectionist.

However, if you are using powdery foundation, it is a great canvas for the powder to cling on ( applied by rolling/pressing, not rubbing ).


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