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Jo Malone white nectarine & honey nourishing face mask

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Jo Malone White Nectarine & Honey Nourishing Face Mask – an intensive facial treatment that replenishes and restores the skin. Honey, a natural moisturiser, thoroughly infuses the skin for a brilliant conditioning boost. Nectarine, rich in anti-oxidants, is combined with honey and other fortifying ingredients to thoroughly infuse the skin with moisture. 

I love to use this mask as  a buffing cream, hand treatment & lip balm. This highly fragrant, ultra occlusive paste it great to be used as a buffing cream; i massage this onto my cleaned dry face,  then rub it off with a warmth wash cloth. I slap it on my hands before tugging them into gloves for an overnight treatment.

The appealing sweet nectarine aroma, the moisture retaining waxy texture and the clear finish make this face mask a great overnight lip balm.

The unlikely primer (1)

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Here’s the description of la Mer’s concentrate:

Designed for fragile, post-trauma skin on the face and body, The Concentrate complements skin’s own natural healing process. Miraculously, the appearance of scarring resulting from surgery and burns is noticeably improved. Irritation and redness caused by chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser treatments are visibly diminished. 

This revolutionary treatment infuses skin with an unprecedented concentration of the original Miracle Broth™ found in Crème de la Mer. Immediately, skin’s sensitivities and redness are soothed. La Mer’s exclusive Lime Tea helps protect skin from a wide range of external insults, giving it the ability to focus energy on repair. The most precious and effective marine and plant extracts work in synergy with theMiracle Broth™ for a wealth of extraordinary results. 

This exclusive blend helps damaged skin renew and rebuild its appearance. Special barrier repair ingredients act as lipid “cellular cement” to help strengthen vulnerable skin. The Miracle Broth™, Lime Tea, marine and plant extracts are suspended together within a breathable barrier to slowly and optimally deliver their vital energies. 

Feelings of tight or taut skin, often associated with scars, are miraculously relieved, increasing skin’s flexibility. Suppleness and smoothness are greatly restored. The result is a fresh surface. Huber’s vision is renewed as skin’s appearance takes on a new life. La Mer’s scientists recommend using The Concentrate in tandem with Crème de la Mer to seal in its vital, skin-renewing benefits.

This luxurious serum is almost fragrance free, extremely slippery due to its high silicons compositions & in my opinion, acts as a great makeup primer. It instantly smooths out the skin surface, blurs lines & pores and gives powdery foundation a great base to cling on.

The powder will then melts within this greasy base, giving you a dewy, radiant finish. This technique only works with powdery foundation as liquid foundation (oil free)  will have difficulty blending in with the silicons; if you are thinking of using creamy foundation on top of this concentrate, think twice!  Oils + silicons = grease.

I had not noticed any miraculous changes in my skin while religiously using it as part of my skin care regime. However, i had found a way to wear this potion, as a primer; think of it as primer with built in skin caring benefits. I like to use la Mer concentrate on days when i couldn’t be bother to  go through  my skin care routine; applying it on bare skin, followed with powdery foundation, blusher & mascara before heading out.