Tested on actresses, never on animals

Hamadi’s shampoo smells deliciously divine. It is not densely foaming but will lives hair perfectly clean.

Ginger Soymilk hair wash  – A gentle shampoo for everyday use with the essential oils of ginger, sweet orange and rosewood. With luscious soymilk to seal in moisture and proteins. Invigorates and purifies; ohh… it so luxurious & exotic, it’s like a hair spa, purr…

Shea leave in – A versatile and essential haircare product. Can be used as a light leave in conditioner to moisturise and add shine without being too heavy. Can also be used as a styling cream to create soft, natural looks and enhance curls. The shea butter protects the scalp from sun damage. It also contains essential oils of verbena, lavender, lemongrass & ylang ylang. This product gives hair a managable hold but is neither shiny enough to replace a serum nor pliable enough to replace a wax/pomade.

    Made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Completely biodegradable. 
    Absolutely no artificial ingredients. 
    No perfumes or colors. 

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